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Input from the Westlake Community Needed!

In 2009, the Westlake City School District convened the first meeting of the 20/20 Vision Committee to compile data, seek feedback, develop options and prepare a master facilities plan to address our aging and overcrowded buildings. In 2010, the district successfully passed a Phase I Bond Issue that resulted in the WHS High School, the new Lee Burneson Middle School and the renovated middle school that now serves as Dover Intermediate School.

That original plan included a Phase II component that directly addressed the district’s four elementary buildings. At the time, the 20/20 Vision Committee suggested that the district reconvene the group after Phase I was completed and revisit the options for Phase II. The 20/20 Vision Committee has begun its Phase II meetings. Westlake City Schools belong to our community thus input on their condition and development is critical to the process. The 20/20 Vision is looking for input from the community regarding the Master Facilities Phase II Plan.

Please consider completing the survey at the following link:

Online survey asking for input on questions such as:

• What comments/thoughts do you have about the Neighborhood vs. Grade Level concept?
• Does the revised grade-level concept make the most sense to you? What are your feelings about this concept?
• What comments/thoughts do you have about our assets/partnership opportunities for our community owned properties?
• Does it still make sense to utilize the built in drop of millage originally proposed by 20/20 group?

Additional information regarding the Master Facilities Plan can be found at Thank you for your consideration and continued support,

Cris Kennedy Chair,

Citizens for Westlake Schools

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This link also affords the viewer the opportunity to engage the district in discussion by asking a question of their own.  Please take the time to read through the questions and answers provided by the district – be proactive and obtain current factual information.

Share this information with a family member, neighbor or co-worker who lives in the City of Westlake so that they too many have the advantage of obtaining accurate information regarding our schools.

We appreciate your past support and look forward to connecting with you in the future. Please continue to follow us on Facebook at www.facebookcom/ForWestlakeSchools and on Twitter @WestlakeLevy.